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Tempted to cut corners?

Are you under pressure to get that IELTS certificate as soon as yesterday? The threat of missing a golden opportunity can often make cutting corners an enticing option. After all, that job opportunity abroad or that study offer won’t wait forever while you sort out lengthy immigration matters. To make matters worse, you one of the many candidates who can fill the slot, and chances are you are not the best qualified anyway. Enter that ‘agent’ who claims they can get you legitimate papers with no input on your part for a small fee (small by the way means a large fortune). Or that website selling ‘legitimate’ IELTS certificates without you having to sit for the test.

It is always advisable to consider all options and their implications before one decides how to go about chasing the dream of a good life abroad. All these good sounding deals come with the promise of a good life abroad, away from all the evils bedeviling the country. A good life as a professional in the ideal field. The challenge however is, like any other gamble, these ‘legitimate’ options can be costly.

Firstly, there in nothing legal about these shortcuts. Should one be caught with back- door papers or IELTS certificate, the consequences can be far reaching. You not only risk losing the present opportunity but future ones due to blacklisting and other such penalties.

Despite the claim that back- door documents are affordable, in reality they cost a fortune. Whilst one can expect to pay around R4000 for the IELTS test, clandestine certificates can cost as much as four times more. That is quite a sum to pay for a certificate that one can acquire for a lot less if they invest in preparing themselves for the test. Investing a few hundred rands in preparation classes and online resources is a cheaper and wiser investment than the risky option of clandestine papers on any day.

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